Who am I and what do I do ?

About Me: Steve Repairing Computers

I am a full service computer repair provider offering expert on-site or remote computer repairs at affordable prices in California’s Inland Empire region. I will respond quickly and have you back in working order either the same day or the next in most cases. I take pride on having the knowledge and ability to solve your computer problems quickly and efficiently. I have been an avid computer enthusiast since 1984 and repairing computers since 1995. I have taken many computer repair courses and passed many industry standard tests to become A+, Network+, HP, and Microsoft certified. I have worked for large consulting firms and small local businesses and traveled nation-wide on large projects. My experience covers everything from home users to large corporations to all levels of government. Computers are my hobby and my passion which makes me uniquely qualified to earn your business.

I created this service to meet the needs of home users, home-based businesses and small commercial businesses that prefer not to disconnect and drag their computers into the shop for service. I do this by providing service at no extra cost during times when the “Big Guys” are normally closed which is usually when you need help the most.

In brief, you should know the following about me: Serving Southern California’s Inland Empire region since 2003, Steve’s Computer Repair is a provider of computer services such as repairs, upgrades, software installation and configuration, printer repair, virus and malware removal/prevention, computer security, wired and wireless networking for small business and home-based networks.